Birch Grove Studios was founded in 1976 by longtime Alaskan artists Dennis McKenzie and Vickie Cole. We are now a three generation studio, being owned and operated by their son David and his wife, Mara. Our daughters Alia and Tayla, ages 14 and 9, throw in our studio and help us set up and run our business.
We specialize in stoneware pottery that is made for every day use. Our work is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. As artists, we take pride in being a part of every step of the process; from throwing on the wheel, trimming, attaching handles, firing the kiln, mixing our own glazes, coming up with new designs and meeting our customers and sharing our work.
We are proud to be Alaskan artists and thank you, our customers, for helping to keep us going!

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Art Gallery and Classes: 617 S Knik Goose Bay Rd, Suite L | Wasilla, Alaska 99654