What is Open Studio?

Open Studio is for students who have previous experience on the pottery wheel and would like a place to come in and throw. Whenever the studio is open and a wheel is available, they can come in and work. No direct instruction is included, but we are in the building and will assist if we can. 

How much does it cost?

Punch cards are available in 10 hour increments for $120. This does not include the cost of clay, glazing and firings. 
We have 25 pound bags of clay available in BCS 10, Death Valley and Black Mountain. 
Our glazing and firing prices are based on the size of items being fired.
Open Studio Hours are NOT counted for firing time.
  • Under 5″ Tall     $2     
  • Over 5″ Tall       $5
Full Kiln:            
  • $75 
  • Under 5″ Tall      $1.50 
  • Over 5″ Tall       $2.50   
High Fire: 
  • Under 5″ Tall     $3.50              
  • Over 5″ Tall       $7
Full Kiln:         
  • $125
This will serve as a general guide, there may be some variation for certain types of pieces (IE low, wide pieces such as platters.) All charges will be discussed and agreed upon prior to your items being fired. 
The person supplying the pottery is responsible for knowing which cone both the clay body and glazes are! If there is any damage to the kiln or kiln shelves due to misinformation, Birch Grove Studios will require compensation for any damaged parts.